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What is the property finder?

? What is the real property? Almost from the beginning of times is was the basic indicator of the status of the person, its importance in a society and authority weight. In addition, it was also protection of the person against negative factors of environment and society. It is enough to remember monumental constructions of times of the Middle Ages, multimeter walls, protective constructions and the developed infrastructure of creations зодческого arts. Almost all great creators of the Middle Ages were, as a rule, and good architects. That fact testifies to it at least that the majority of their structures costs on the places and till our days. Almost all their works are monuments of architecture and national property of the various states. At the time of Roman empire the construction of aqueducts was one of priority directions of development of the state, along with roads, the state system and roads. The emphasis on perspective buildings also has deduced Romans in the dominating nation at that point in time a human history. And the Collosseo, despite "an uninhabited kind" brings in till now the income of Italy, as one of cult places of visiting by tourists from many countries of the world. However, not only products of the human genius limit concept "property finder". The Ground areas also are real estate, frequently very expensive, and that the most important thing - almost eternal. However, if the earth intended for conducting of agriculture - from a pasture of cattle before cultivation of mass agricultural crops earlier was very much appreciated. As the main value of the earth its fertility favorable statistical weather conditions of district, instead of affinity to the center or metro station in this case was considered. Certainly, all changes, requirements of mankind too, the urbanization, fortunately, has lost былы rates of increase and more and more people directs from a city. If there is a choice between dormitory area and cottage settlement - that you will choose? Certainly, the answer is obvious. The nature, wood, fresh air and health - here that doesn't suffice the modern inhabitant of average city XX-XXI of century. Unfortunately, many the fertile and recreational ground areas have been destroyed by thoughtless aspiration to energy and expansion of an area of dwelling, increase to nobody of the necessary indicators of gross national product and simply nonsense. Along with cultural values value of real estate grows in a business direction also. The resort property finder began the whole Mecca to earn for interested persons the big money at rather low investments. Here plays a role the prestige factor. The person it is pleasant to any to drop accidentally in a circle of acquaintances about a small small house with a view of the sea in area which historically is considered resort. Besides it, the real estate abroad is more and more popular. Principal causes - economic stability, possibility of unobstructed entrance on territory of other state and the privileges connected with it, and the price is attractive. At the price of 3 floor small houses on the bank of Mediterranean sea, the price for apartment in center Mos